Test:Animated Blender Model in Away3D native

(This demo has Browser scroll problem...)

LMB Drag -> Grab,Rotation
Mouse Wheel -> Zoom,UnZoom
LMB Double Click -> start/stop animation

Cast3D demo model
Away3D SVN Trunk rev.689

Blender Collada Export Notes for Away3D rev.689(unstable)
0.Apply a Cast3D fix patch, to Blender Collada Exporter.
1.Delete Lots(LotX,LotY,LotZ) keys except lowerBack(root bone)
2.Rotation. Object top change to global Y axis top.
3.Object front direction adjustment in rotation of Z axis.
4.Exporter options. Press only "Use Relative Path(checking output path and texture path!)" and "Use UV Image Mats" buttons.
5.File(DAE) rewrite Z_UP to Y_UP with text editor.
6.You have to check texture path(upper-case and lower-case) in DAE. (If you upload a DAE onto the Web )